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婚礼是一件奢侈品,它是人生中非常重要的时刻.它凝聚着浪漫的爱情,珍贵的亲情,多年的友情.嫁给我这句话虽然简单,但却是无与伦比的.共同宣誓: 从今日起,我们结为夫妻,共用信赖和爱护,无论贫穷和富有,健康和疾病,我们都将患难与共,不离不弃,共同度过,未来的人生.只有在这一刻,你才体会到其中的含义.为了留下永恒的回忆,爱之旅的全体同仁只有一个信念,那就是让每位新人都能全身心的投入和享受他们的婚礼


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Wedding is a luxury, it is a very important moment in life, it embodied the romantic love, precious family love and years of friendship. This sentence “Marry me” is simple but unparalleled. Commonly swearing :From today, we are married, sharing trust and care. No matter poor or rich, be health or diseased, we will rise or fall as one, never leave each other, spending the future life together. Only at this moment, you will realize the meaning .To leave an eternal memory, Journey of Love has only one belief that is let all the newly-weds be able to devote and enjoy their wedding wholly and heartedly.

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